I celebrated my victory after the Head of the Rock Regatta in Rockford, Illinois on Sunday, October 9, 2017  I was in a Women's Masters 8 Crew (37+) from the St. Louis Rowing Club.  Suca an awesome experience!  Who would have ever thought that I would be a part of a gold winning crew in my first regatta!  I was in a boat with some amazingly strong and talented wormen from the Competitive Masters crew and had the benefit of being prepared by rowing regularly with our own Dr. Pat, my coach on the Recreational Masters crew.  I can't forget to mention that I was in no pain during or after this windy and challenging race which is a testament to all that Dr. Pat has done for me at Atrium Health Services over the last year!! Smile Cheers!  Kristy








We are a family of five and have been patients of Dr. Joe Unger and Atrium Health Services since the early 1990’s, before the births of our three children, and now inclusive of the treatment of each of them.  We have the utmost respect and admiration for Dr. Unger as he has helped us immeasurably through many, many illnesses and injuries and in all cases bringing us back to 100% in a very short period of time.  Dr. Unger is our hands-down practitioner of choice in all cases in regard to all health issues in our family, because the results that we experience from his expertise and treatments are in many cases miraculous.  We are beyond grateful to Dr. Unger and his staff for their commitment to our well-being and we whole-heartedly recommend the services of Atrium to all persons of all ages!

How good do you want to feel?  Call Atrium Health Services and you will find out that you can feel better; that’s our experience.



I have acute intermittent porphyria and Fibromyalgia.  Like anyone who has struggled with an obscure, debilitating illness year after year, I was grateful when I found doctors who could tell me why I was sick.  In the end, however, a diagnosis is only so much without an effective treatment.  Essentially, the treatments I was receiving were to prevent me from dying.   And it was working.  I was bedridden (due primarily to exhaustion and muscle weakness) and confined to a wheelchair (which I still fell out of sometimes because I was too weak to hold myself up), but undead.  By the time a friend recommended Atrium Health Services, I had all but accepted that this undead state was the best I could hope for.

On Atrium’s website, I found information about a study on fibromyalgia.  Although I’d received chiropractic treatment before, I’d never heard of SOT.  It sounded different enough from anything else I’d done that I thought it might be worth a try.  Best case scenario, I imagined, I’d have some pain relief, a little more energy, and maybe be able to sit up longer before my muscles gave out on me.  I showed the information to my primary physician who was familiar with SOT and agreed I might benefit from it.

I was accepted into the study and scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Stéphane Provencher.  On the way to my appointment, I passed a highway herbicide spraying site and had a severe porphyria attack.  (The symptoms of such an attack are extreme nausea, dizziness, seizure-like activity, headaches, muscle pain and weakness and mental confusion/disorientation.)  In my experience, the only treatment that could stop an attack of that degree was a dextrose IV.  I decided to go ahead with the appointment, intending to have an IV administered as soon as I got home.

By the time I got to Atrium, I couldn’t even sit up in my wheelchair.  I waited for my appointment lying on the couch in the waiting room.  At the beginning of the appointment I was unable to complete some of the preliminary tests because I couldn’t stand up for more than three seconds.

When my first treatment was over, I was experiencing a significant decrease in pain, which was more than I had expected so soon.  What I hadn’t expected at all was that my porphyria attack stopped.  I was able to sit upright in my wheelchair with no difficulty; my headache, seizures, and disorientation were gone, and my nausea had subsided enough that I was able to eat a meal.  On the way home, the same site that had triggered the attack earlier now only triggered mild nausea that was easily treated with oral glucose intake.  I never had an IV that day after all.

Over the next few days, I noticed an increase in energy.  I could walk short distances with my walker without falling, and I could sit upright for several minutes without collapsing.   By my next appointment two days later, I was able to stand without support for the necessary thirty seconds.  After my third treatment I was still using a wheelchair for long distances, but was walking unaided around the house.  During the first three weeks of the study, I only feel once.  Before that, I’d consider myself lucky if I only feel once in a day.  At my sixth appointment I walked unaided.  I didn’t take a single fall.

Since the end of the study, I’ve stayed on as a patient at Atrium.  Naturally, there have been some ups and downs, but my overall condition is steadily improving.  My fibromyalgia pain is practically non-existent.  Porphyria attacks are milder and less frequent.  I only use my walker for long distances, never around the house anymore.   Many days I don’t use a wheelchair at all, even for things like grocery shopping.  I’m able to do little things around the house that I haven’t done for years – load and unload a dishwasher, put away laundry, make simple meals.  For the first time, it seems unreasonable NOT to expect my health to keep improving.

If I had read this testimonial a few months ago, I would have thought, “That’s nice that it helped her, but for me it would just be one more dead end.”  But maybe, after giving it some thought, I’d have decided it was worth a try.  I’m glad that’s exactly what I did.



 I have been a patient of Dr. Joseph Unger's for over 25 years now.  I have benefited from his never-ending quest for excellence in health care, particularly after my auto accident.  The neurosurgeon who thought I'd be dead in 10 years because of my brain injury was WRONG.  The other doctors who didn't want to deal with a chronic case were not of his caliber.


Dr. Joe believed in me when I could not believe in myself.  He has consistently brought new ideas and treatments to me that have made a critical difference in improving my daily life.  The ABC Patches are just one of many new therapies that work for me (and my dog, but that is another story for another time).  How valuable is this kind of tangible support in this crazy world?  PRICELESS!  I am full of gratitude for all the fine staff at Atrium and what they have done for me.


Thanks to Dr. Joe, I have been using the ABC Patches for several years now with great results.  My sleeping has been difficult for years since my bad car accident.  GOOD NEWS - with the special patches on the mattress and the patch on my pillow, I actually sleep for hours at a time with only a couple of nighttime bathroom breaks.  I actually DREAM again because I can get into REM sleep.  WOW!  I love how innovative and cutting edge Atrium is.  Thank you SO MUCH!  Trish

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