At Atrium we share over 70 years of collective experience.

While all of the doctors practice the same fundamental techniques, each has more specific areas of interest and greater expertise. In this fashion, we can offer a more complete and individualized approach to your healthcare needs. In practice, as well as on-line, we strive for excellence through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

Within this site you will find all types of health-related information as well as information about our office, services, chiropractic, diet and nutrition, back and neck pain, work and auto injuries
and much, much more.


Our purpose at Atrium Health Services is to promote quality health by providing individualized services to facilitate personal and community balance, growth and awareness while providing a model for excellence.

We understand the spirit of health to be an ever changing process of life that includes the interaction of each individual with their lessons in our environment. One useful definition of health is freedom from limitation and dis-ease as well as freedom to become that which one chooses to become. We recognize the importance of each individual’s responsibility for health.

It is our intention to research, implement and teach those techniques that promote health through holistic concepts. Such techniques facilitate individual and collective integration of physical, emotional and mental balance to create effective ecological change.

We recommend to all the passionate commitment to life. At Atrium our commitment is to quality. With purity of focus and intention we enthusiastically strive to utilize compassion with our knowledge, wisdom and resources while providing excellence in health care to our patients and the community. This includes our personal, professional, and collective growth and expansion.

We respectfully invite you to join us in this journey!