The Fundamentals

Ideally, the body heals itself.  If you have a condition or symptom the problem is not that condition or symptom, but instead is the fact that the body is not healing itself. The ultimate solution is to restore the body’s natural healing capacity.

At times interventions focused on the condition can be effective. They will be most effective if they are also supportive of the body’s innate healing process. Therefore, our recommendations include whole food nutrition, the sacral occipital technic system of healing, homeopathy, and other whole person interventions.

None of these measures can replace the fundamental basics of good health. No vitamin, mineral, adjustment, or medication can do the job of exercise, proper water intake, nutrition and detoxification when needed.  For example, lack of exercise may never be identified as the cause of constipation.  After all many people who do not maintain sufficient activity levels are not constipated.  However, the positive benefits of adequate exercise may raise the vitality levels of an individual to the point that their body resolves an issue of constipation on its own.

All the measures recommended are not designed to be substitutes for the fundamental health measures. If any of these measures or others is not achieving the desired results, the lack of fundamental basic health efforts may be at fault.

Atrium Health Services Patient Heal Thyself Program

The primary tenant of all healing systems is that the body heals itself.  With that in mind, the job of the doctor or practitioner is to free the person’s own ability to self-heal.

The mechanisms by which a person heals is the subject of many and varied theories. Acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, yoga, nutrition and so on all have varied ways of looking at the same process.  One fundamental foundational concept is the same however, throughout all disciplines.  The body heals itself.

It is thought that when a doctor approaches a condition by addressing specific symptoms, the results are inferior to efforts aimed at enhancing the healing systems.  Very often the symptoms that the patient feels are very poor indicators of where the healing mechanism has gone astray.  Furthermore, treating symptoms directly can sometimes cloud the ability to address the real problem.  Too much symptomatic treatment often confuses the body responses and can even make it impossible to determine what is really needed.

For example, a person may be experiencing stomach upset and vomiting.  If only looking at the symptom, one might decide to give the person a medicine to stop the vomiting. However, if the vomiting is due to food poisoning, then the body is attempting to rid itself of a toxic substance. To impede that process would potentially cause further harm to the patient.  The poisons would then be allowed to stay in the system longer and could have very undesirable effects.

At Atrium Health Services we specialize in a technique of chiropractic healing called Sacro Occipital Technic, or SOT.  This type of therapy does not directly address the symptoms as much as it does the types of structural problems that result in the production of said symptoms.  Simply put, we search for the cause of the problem rather than treating the symptoms. If the real cause can be treated, then the body fixes the symptoms by itself.  For example, sometimes correcting a cranial subluxation helps a stomach problem or a low back pain, or even both.

At Atrium Health Services we encourage individuals to take responsibility for their health and be very proactive in their well-being.  Worldwide, many people spend considerable resources trying to find answers for some of their nagging complaints.  We salute these efforts but would like to contribute to patients healing themselves.  We have a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with natural remedies.  We also try to listen to patients and learn from everyone’s experiences.

The Patient Heal Thyself program at Atrium Health Services is a service to the community to assist people in helping themselves. If a complaint can be treated at home safely and effectively then we would like for you to do so. If the symptom is unresponsive or does not completely resolve, then the appropriate health care professional should be consulted.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (314) 872-9955.