There are significant differences between artificial immunity such as vaccinations and acquired immunity which is obtained by getting a bacterial or viral infection. Additionally, innate immunity need be considered. Immunizations expose the body to certain viral pathogens. The substances are replicated and manufactured for mass distribution of a process that must begin many months in advance of the flu season. Viruses constantly go through minute changes and develop a variety of strains of the same basic pathogen. To produce vaccines, the manufacturer must determine the most likely strains that will be virulent during the upcoming season. If one becomes infected with a different strain of the same virus, the immunization is ineffective. Also, if infected by viruses different than those contained in the vaccination, there is no protection.

One should be aware that immunizations produce a level of protection only against those specific strains of viruses contained in the vaccine. However, if you “get sick” from a virus and heal it naturally, you automatically have immunity from all strains of that same virus. Acquired immunity has a greater scope of future protection. Therefore, it is not necessarily bad to “get a bug”. When your body fights off the infection, you are left with a stronger immune system and a broader spectrum of future protection.

When the flu season arrives, the viruses are everywhere. It is virtually impossible to not be exposed to them. If your immunity is sufficiently strong, you may be exposed but fight off the infection before symptoms appear.

If you do develop symptoms of a cold or flu, while not necessarily a bad thing, it may be prudent to help your body recover as quickly as possible. You can suffer through it or “let it run its course”. You can also treat with over-the-counter cold/flu remedies. This approach may address some of the symptoms but does not actively help the immune system do its job and strengthen from the experience. Sometimes the symptomatic approach even prolongs your recovery. You may feel better for the duration but the episode may last longer.

A more proactive approach has many additional benefits. If you assist the body’s natural healing mechanisms, you not only suffer less pain, misery and downtime, but you enhance your body’s future ability to defend itself from foreign invaders. In other words, you build natural and acquired immunity.

Every season brings a new array of potential invaders. Each behave differently causing their own pattern of symptoms and each respond to different treatments. While there are scores of home remedies for colds and flu’s, at Atrium Health Services we are constantly researching to determine the most consistently effective measures. We rely upon our past experience, the information we received from colleagues around the country and reports from our patients, especially early in the season. The recommendations made here are based upon our early findings for this upcoming season.

These current recommendations may change as the season progresses. The typical response to the full program is significant reduction of symptoms within 48 to 72 hours. Many are completely asymptomatic by that time. However, treatment is recommended for one to two weeks following full relief from symptoms to prevent relapses.

Even when your symptoms are gone, your body is still attending to the bacterial or viral “stragglers”. If they are not completely eradicated, you risk the redevelopment of symptoms.

The following is best applied at the initial onset of symptoms. For unresponsive or extreme cases, other measures may be required and are outlined in the document “Atrium Health Services – Cold/flu Protocols”.

Alpha BioCentrix energy healing patches have demonstrated consistent effectiveness. The E-Virus Patch is continually reformulated to address the current strains of influenza as well as providing general support to the body against viruses. Additionally, the BioDefense Patch provides enhanced general support.

At the initial onset of symptoms, use two of each for the first three days, then reduced to one each every 3 days.

The current flu is also responding well to the homeopathic remedy, Arsenicum Alb. We recommend a 30C or 30X one to two times hourly for the first day reducing to 4 to 6 times a day for the following week or so.

Another consistent performer is the Standard Process product, Congaplex. Two capsules every 15 to 20 minutes for the first 2 to 4 hours. Then reduce dosage to two capsules every one to two hours for the duration of symptoms.

Prevention is superior to crisis management. To enhance your immune function, Standard Process Immuplex is suggested at the rate of 4 to 6 capsules per day. This is nutritional support for overall immune building. The other effective preventative is the AlphaBio Centrix energy healing patch, BioDefense. For general prevention use one patch weekly throughout the season.

The prevention measures are also recommended for travel and high stress situations like the holidays, extreme weather shifts, etc.