Immunity Dominance

Is your immune system bigger than a virus?


The human immune system is complicated, complex and capable of truly amazing feats…. given the right supplies and conditions. This is why 90% of individuals contracting the current COVID-19 virus successfully fight it off with little or no symptoms. The question we should be asking is, “How is their immunity different than the 10% that develop symptoms?” The answer is not simple or clear cut but insights to this topic can be found in the Atrium document, ImmYOUnity, available upon request or at

The following are some basic measures you and your family can use to maximize Immune System Performance, Protection and Treatment, if required.

Everyone has heard the standard recommendations for immune care such as exercise, rest, hydration, etc. There are far more measures available that contribute significantly to Immunity Dominance in these trying times. Be aware that many factors compromise immune function including pain and emotional stresses. Regular chiropractic treatment, with or without pain, is an immune asset. Emotional considerations include talk therapy, meditation, positive thinking, etc. AlphaBio Centrix Energy Healing Patches should not be overlooked.

One of the basic, time-honored therapies is Apple Cider Vinegar – 2-3 TSP in water (with or without honey for flavor) before meals. Additional doses can be taken if any signs or symptoms are present.

Immune Building for weakened systems – Immuplex 4-6 daily

Supplement Program for Basic Immune Health and Protection

  • Catalyn 4-6 daily
  • Organically Bound Minerals 4-6 daily

Additional Considerations

  • Drenamin 2-4 daily
  • Cataplex F (or Omega 3) 2-4 daily
  • ABC (AlphaBio Centrix) Biodefense Patches
  • ABC E-Virus Guard
  • ABC Stress and Anxiety

Essential trace minerals for Immunity Dominance

  • Zinc – Get your FREE Zinc test at Atrium!
  • Prolamine Iodine or Iodomere® – 2-4 daily

Advanced protection may be developed through individualized analysis and treatment provided through Atrium Health Services. Laboratory analysis, chiropractic analysis, symptom survey evaluations and other means can afford insights to improve health and Immune Dominance.


FREE Zinc Deficiency Test at Atrium

Hold the dose of harmless Zinc Sulfate in your mouth for about 15 seconds. What you taste, or not, is a relatively reliable test of your body’s zinc status. Mainstream advertising would have you take Zinc at the onset of cold/flu symptoms. This practice is like adding gasoline to your car after it runs out! At Atrium we have performed this test on hundreds of people and find deficiencies even in many who were taking Zinc supplements for years! This is because Zinc must be precisely formulated to be incorporated into the body. Sadly, most products simply do not work. We only use products of proven effectiveness.


Zinc Test Results and Recommendations

  • No Taste (water) – SP Zinc Chelate – 4 daily with food – 2 bottles, then Chezyn 2-4 daily
  • Mild Taste (mild deficiency) – SP Zinc Chelate 2-4 daily – 1 bottle then Chezyn 2-4 daily
  • Strong Taste – (no deficiency) – Chezyn 1-2 daily ongoing

Zinc is fully incorporated into the body very slowly. Complete saturation often requires a minimum of 1-2 years or more of consistent treatment. Because this nutrient is depleted from the soil and food chain, supplementation may be a lifelong practice. Zinc is best taken with food but if you forget, take it anyway! The body will adjust.


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