The Structure and Function of AlphaBio Centrix (ABC)

Energy Patch Protocols

Joseph F. Unger Jr. DC, FICS

I have been fascinated by the concept of energy medicine for a great majority of my life. While as an undergraduate premedical student, my official course of study was zoology with a minor in chemistry; I loved physiology and medicine. So much so that after a full work week during summer breaks, I volunteered nights and weekends at the local hospital emergency room to gain experience.

The interns and doctors I met there invited me to observe surgeries, which piqued my interest in becoming a surgeon. They also proved zealous in their belief that the best doctors were those who understood physiology and especially chemistry inside and out. I took their advice to heart and studied these subjects diligently.

A series of serendipitous events redirected my life down an entirely different path, simultaneously leaving me with a complete loss of faith in my chosen career: the study of Western medicine. Lost, disenchanted and directionless, I had no idea what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I knew I wanted to help people and wanted to be a physician, but traditional medicine was no longer my pre-ordained path. I had encountered a philosophical crisis. Fortunately for me I discovered the world of alternative healing systems.

Until that moment in time I was of the belief that the allopathic medical system was the only method of healing. I was astonished to find that there were multiple approaches developed throughout millennia that proposed systems of analysis and intervention for most conditions and disease processes. Furthermore, I experienced a multitude of serendipitous meetings with people reporting recoveries from many illnesses, often life-threatening, by alternative means after the traditional medical interventions failed.

It was an entirely new idea that there were mechanisms in the body that keep us healthy and that these mechanisms are ultimately responsible for healing. If one had a method of analyzing defects in the healing mechanism, one could also devise treatments to restore the natural healing ability of the organism. The current term used to describe this ancient perspective is “salutogenesis”.

Salutogenesis is the study of the origins of health and focuses on factors that support human health and well-being, rather than on factors that cause disease (pathogenesis).

I embarked upon an extensive self-study program covering a wide range of healing systems, including chiropractic, homeopathy, herbology, naturopathy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, hypnosis and other modes of therapy.

I was utterly amazed and intrigued by the depth and breadth of the constructs of health and healing as found in many age-old systems such as chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy and others. Eventually I came to understand that all major systems throughout history have postulated that the ultimate healing power in a living organism is energetic in nature. Each healing discipline has its own set of methods of analyzing for imbalances and dysfunctions as well as their own unique techniques for restoring the energy flows and balance and thus promoting healing. Acupuncture was unique in its constructs that describe the interplay among all of the factors that can affect human health. These include mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. They include the environment, family life, relationships, diet, etc.

I was mesmerized by everything about acupuncture; however, not knowing the Chinese language, I could not imagine becoming an acupuncturist. It just so happens that the healing constructs of energy flow, blockage and balance are extremely similar in chiropractic philosophy. As luck would have it there was a chiropractic college in town, and I enrolled immediately.

Throughout Chiropractic College and over the 4 decades plus of clinical practice I was consistently intrigued and often surprised by the effects of various energetic healing treatments. I, along with some of my colleagues often built, tested and personally used a variety of energetic healing devices. I would try virtually anything to see how it worked but after many years found myself consistently disappointed. Because the healing energy is difficult if not impossible to measure reliably, it is nearly impossible to determine what is wrong with a person energetically and what to do about it. All of the various energetic healing devices would produce occasional effects that were seemingly miraculous, but none produced consistent results.

Because of my unflagging interest, I found myself the target of countless solicitations by companies, individuals and patients who either experienced a positive effect or wanted me to buy or sell their products. Because the success rates, in my limited experience, did not rise to my expectations, I came to ignore the great majority of all these energy-based treatments.

Then Larry became a patient. He originally presented with a serious degenerative eye condition, called uveitis, that results in blindness if untreated and had been on oral cortisone for a decade to contain this disease. We determined that the cause of the problem was in fact a subluxation of his cranial bones, and, when corrected, he was able to stop the medication. The symptoms of this degenerative eye disease disappeared and has remained resolved for well over a decade at this writing.

However, because of the long-term steroid use, his immune system was severely compromised. He suffered a serious case of systemic Candida albicans, often referred to as simply “Candida”. This is a fungal infection that is actually normal in the intestinal tract, but when it gets into the other tissues of the body it can be devastating. Larry’s case was so severe that the fungus saturated his entire body and was coming out of the beds of his fingernails. It looked like spider webs where cuticles should be and was so painful that he could not touch anything with his fingers without unbearable pain.

Larry was extremely diligent about everything concerning his health. Candida can become a serious problem, and he had exhausted all imaginable measures and interventions that he could find. He was impeccable with his diet, had done homeopathic, nutritional, herbal and medical treatments for this condition. He had done all the indicated pharmaceutical interventions and none of these treatments resolved the Candida infestation.

His wife was his health treatment scout. She suggested different things to try and insisted that he kept the faith and search for solutions. She was the one who first discovered the Energy Patches. She designed a treatment program for Larry and within just a couple of weeks the pain had subsided enough for him to perform all normal activities with his hands, pain-free. Over the next couple of months his Candida infestation totally resolved where all other treatments had failed.

Seeing this amazing transformation of healing firsthand I had to investigate and understand this phenomenon in order to consider providing these products to my patients. Over the next several months I gave away hundreds of these “patches” to scores of patients to determine their effectiveness. To my delight and surprise, most people enjoyed a surprisingly high success rate of response of symptoms and conditions where many treatments, oftentimes over several years, had failed. I myself even began to feel relief from certain issues that I have struggled with for most of my life.

We have become thoroughly convinced that these are extremely effective products. They of course do not work on everyone nor for every condition. They are not designed to cure disease or do the impossible. They have specific healing effects that may not be suitable for everyone however they are truly one of the most consistently effective energetically based treatments I have seen to date.

Due to the high degree of success I witnessed for myself and my patients, as well as reports from many practitioners around the world, I had to delve into the philosophy and theories concerning these products. I needed to understand how they worked or at least have a plausible working model for the effects that we were witnessing.

To this end, I synthesized information from a variety of sources. This research has been done at various places by various individuals around the world over nearly 100 years now. None of this information is available in any single location. My intent was to arrive at an integrated theory as to how and why the AlphaBio Centrix Energy Patches work.

Let us begin with some of the studies by Dr. Royal Rife. Dr. Rife was a microbiologist in the early 1900’s who developed the world’s most powerful light microscope in the 1930’s. No one has been able to improve upon that design yet. In many ways, he was a Renaissance man, a genius and well ahead of his time with several other talents.

Dr. Rife became fascinated with the concept of destroying bacteria and viruses using vibratory frequencies. He arranged for someone to build a cathode ray tube for him, which is essentially similar to a TV set that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. It was designed such that he could tune in the specific vibratory frequencies of electromagnetic radiation to be emitted.

Unlike the television, which had not yet been invented, it emitted a single particle beam. The old traditional tube television is designed to scans lines across the surface, producing little light flashes on the screen at the rate of thousands of times a second. The intent of Rife’s cathode ray machine was to project specific vibratory frequencies at bacteria and viruses using a single beam.

He discovered that when he identified the precise frequency of vibrations that resonated with a specific bacteria or virus, it would kill that bacteria or virus. One can access YouTube and view some of the original footage of Dr. Rife. One of his important research projects was with tuberculosis, a scourge of his day. You can watch the tuberculosis bacteria under the microscope and, after 10 to 15 seconds of exposure to the cathode ray tube emissions, the organism splits open and the organism dies. In the videos available, Dr. Rife was projecting the cathode ray beam through 15 feet of cement from the basement of his laboratory to get to the microscope!

While Dr. Rife’s studies using the cathode ray tube for this purpose were limited, he did produce the Rife machine was used to treat various conditions. Dr. Rife proposed that if one could obtain the exact frequencies needed by the body, it could then assist in the healing of various conditions.

I know several people who own these machines, and in my limited experience, they are partially successful some of the time. This technology has merit, but does not produce consistently positive results. I think there are several reasons for this. Dr. Rife’s machine produces three vibratory frequencies at a time. It is truly amazing and effective on some people sometimes but not everybody all the time. This will become clear later. Also, the person typically exposes themselves to these frequencies for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. There may be a significant advantage in that the ABC energy patches deliver these healing frequencies 24/7.

Again, I have had several patients experience good results with a variety of ailments utilizing the Rife machine. Sometimes seemingly miraculous results occur. But people and their conditions are far too complicated and complex to respond to three simple vibrational frequencies. Still, the fact that the machine works to the extent that it does, illustrates a revolutionary concept in healing and still astounds me. The videos of some of his experiments are truly compelling.

Another researcher in the early days of exploration in energetic healing was a Russian doctor named Georges Lakhovsky. He initially observed how homing pigeons became disoriented around radio towers. This observation, along with other research, led him to deduce that there was some internal homing mechanism that was being interfered with by the radio waves and these homing mechanisms in the brain could be affected by vibratory frequencies of a certain range. Eventually his research, as well as that of several others, discovered that the band of electromagnetic healing frequencies is in the gigahertz range. We will find that this coincides perfectly with those used in the ABC energy patches.

Interestingly, Dr. Lakhovsky reported this approximately 100 years ago, and went on to conduct a series of fascinating experiments. Unfortunately, his work was largely unrecognized and is still not fully appreciated. This is evidenced by the following excerpt from one of my favorite websites and newsletters available through

By Dr. Becker

“The effects of these weak electromagnetic fields are remarkable.”

A research team led by Dr. Henrik Mouritsen of the University of Oldenburg in Germany published their study in the May issue of the journal Nature. 2

An Accidental Study

“In our experiments we were able to document a clear and reproducible effect of human-made electromagnetic fields on a vertebrate. This interference does not stem from power lines or mobile phone networks,” Mouritsen told Science Daily.…

For the first time, scientists have revealed that average levels of electromagnetic noise, or “electro smog,” completely disrupt the magnetic compass of migratory robins. This is true even when the electromagnetic signal levels are just 1/1000th of the limit the World Health Organization (WHO) defines as harmless.

Electro smog is the unseen electromagnetic radiation that is generated from the use of both wireless technology and household electricity. Common sources of electro smog include utility smart meters, cell towers & antennae, cell phones, cordless phones, wireless Internet routers, microwaves, high voltage transmission lines, baby monitors and other wireless devices including WIFI, computers, monitors, laptops, tablets, reading devices, computer monitors, wired and wireless cell phone headsets, and educational interactive whiteboards. 1

Nature, May 15, 2014, Issue 509, pp 353-356

(The newest addition to potential energetic interferences to human healing may be the developing 5G networks. History will tell the story, hopefully sooner than later.)

Lakhovsky eventually postulated that every cell, every part of every cell, each system, organ and even every organelle within cells formed oscillatory vibratory circuits. In other words, they were like tiny musical instruments. The emitted an array of vibrations unique unto each structure.

This symphony of vibratory emissions from all of the body parts form resonant patterns that ultimately had an essential role in the function of physiology, biochemistry and the healing process. These are very real and discrete vibratory patterns in the physical world. They are very tiny and difficult to measure, but they actually do exist.

The AlphaBio Centrix Energy Therapy Patches (ABC) deliver essential vibratory frequencies and patterns that are missing or deficient in sick or ailing organisms. It is theorized that when an organ, structure or system becomes sick, it may lose the ability to produce its full array of essential vibratory energies. It therefore also loses its ability to re-integrate with the rest of the body, and healing is compromised.

The pioneer and researcher, Richard Eaton and his co-developer, the late Dr. Ricky Hunt, developed methods to analyze sick individuals for missing and deficient energetic frequencies within the specific range of the healing spectrum. By evaluating numerous individuals with similar conditions, he could identify consistent energetic signatures associated with that disease process.

NOTE: The explanations presented in this document are my personal conclusions and may not coincide with the understanding afforded by the experts at AlphaBio Centrix or other esteemed authorities. I propose a theoretical model to provide some reasonable understanding of these novel healing phenomena.

Next, they engineered a method for embedding these specific discrete frequencies into patches that can be worn on the skin. Not unlike the Rife machine in this aspect but different in that up to 33 discrete vibrational patterns can be embedded into an ABC Energy Patch. Furthermore, it is found that up to three different patches can be used at any given time and often will synergize with each other, enhancing effectiveness. Instead of 1 to 3 frequencies as projected by the Rife machine, the patches will deliver approximately 100 or more separate and discrete frequencies and can be worn 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is accomplished by using up to 3-4 different AlphaBio Centrix (ABC) Energy Therapy Patches at a time.

The ABC therapies therefore deliver an array of precise vibrational frequencies that are designed to help supply energetic deficiencies to an ailing system. I have witnessed amazing results in many conditions by hundreds of individuals. Of course, nothing works on everyone but the ABC therapies have supplied consistently convincing, benefits from my personal experience, as limited as it may be.

This is but a very brief overview of a very complicated subject. A one-hour video lecture available on YouTube entitled “The Scientific Basis of Energetic Healing” gives a bit more detailed information concerning this subject which, in my opinion, truly deserves greater investigation. This video is presented in four segments and is a recording of my presentation at the 7th International Medical Conference of Bio-Cybernetic and Energy Medicine held in St louis, Mo. in 2011. The full four-hour version was presented at a SORSI (Sacro Occipital Research Society International, Inc.) conference and is available through