Just as all other specialty fields have their own language so does SOT Chiropractic. Part of our goal is to help you have an understanding of your treatment and how this affects YOU.

Prior to your chiropractic adjustment, the physician performs examinations that give them neurological indications of what is physically happening within your body. These neurological indicators are then used to determine your treatment and treatment schedule. The doctors have studied many ways to treat patients. They use the information provided from the examinations to determine treatment is the most appropriate for YOU.

Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (CMRT) is a generalized term that refers to a number of specialized techniques to treat the internal organs (i.e. kidney, stomach, liver) of the body. CMRT is one set of procedures the SOT doctor utilizes. It is a specific set of procedures to facilitate the healing of the internal organs.

How does this happen? First, each organ, such as your lungs, has its own communication system to the brain via the nerve supply and the nervous system. The nerves give the brain information so the brain can make changes when needed, such as to increase your breathing with more exercise. Also, each organ has its own blood supply to obtain nutrition to the tissues of the organ itself.

When your doctor finds indications of the involvement of an organ, the CMRT procedures may be used as part of your treatment. The CMRT procedures interrupt the existing communication to the brain and sets up a new pattern to the brain. It also allows the organ to receive greater nutrition and relaxation resulting in an increase of function of that organ. Your doctor may also give nutritional support to help increase healing.

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