Atrium Health Services is committed to providing the best of the best in holistic health care. An important part of this commitment is to identify superior products and bring them to the attention of our patients.

A company named “Jox™” has recently developed what we consider to be a true compression short. Many athletes have become accustomed to wearing tight elastic shorts under their uniform or workout clothing because it is considered the “new norm” and is quite comfortable. The actual purpose behind these elastic shorts is to 1) help reduce inflammation following a workout, 2) support venous blood flow during exercise, and 3) help the body stabilize its core. For many, the most important aspect of this trio is the stability of the core.

The specific core structures that benefit most from improved stability are the sacroiliac (SI) joints of the pelvis. Many actions of the core and legs require stability of the SI joints, but the only structure providing stability to these joints is the posterior weight bearing ligament of the SI joint; i.e., the SI ligaments. The SI joints are the only major weight bearing joints of the body that do not have a muscle to control their movement. If the SI ligament becomes stretched or damaged, it can create not only chronic problems in the form of low back, gluteal and sciatic type pains but also shoulder, neck, jaw and head pain.

We believe that wearing compression shorts to support the SI ligament is an excellent solution to a difficult problem. However, providing effective compressive force to the SI joint as the body moves for any length of time can be extremely difficult to achieve. Utilizing a pair of compression shorts to stabilize these joints is an easy fix, unfortunately, nearly all compression shorts on the market rely on, at most, a double layer of elastic fabric to provide their compression benefits. The amount of force generated is enough to have some effect on minor inflammation and possibly support venous return but has virtually no effect on an unstable SI joint. That is, until now, with JOX™ Core Support Shorts!

Jox™ Core Support Shorts for daily physical and athletic activities is a unique product. This exceptionally designed spandex compression short has the added reinforcement of The Jox™ belt. Made from a unique and patented fabric which wicks moisture away from the body, is breathable and antibacterial, the belt supports the upper aspects of the pelvis and provides a strong compressive force at the perfect level to truly stabilize a weakened SI joint. Stable SI joints mean proper support for key postural and primary muscle groups, allowing for quicker, stronger, and more accurate core-based movements leading to diminished fatigue and accelerated recovery. Jox™ Core Support Shorts have been designed to provide extra support for static and dynamic activities that require extension and rotation. In fact, clinical trials have shown a 19% decrease in pressure on the lower back among subjects who wore Jox™ Core Support Shorts versus those who did not.

We have a number of patients who use Jox™ Core Support Shorts for all their weight and speed training activities, and all of them are saying the same thing: “We love them! The increase in stability of the low back is tangible.” Several patients have commented they won’t travel without them because of the stability they give when moving luggage or even being stuck sitting on an extended flight.

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